How do you know which is the best bed for you?

Which is the best bed to sleep on?Aside from buying a house, choosing a partner, and purchasing a car, purchasing the best bed you can get is virtually the next most important decision you will make. This is because we spend nearly a third of the day sleeping, a function essential for mental and physical well-being. Knowing which is the best bed to sleep on can prove the hardest part to unravel. The decision you make could be in your life for 5-10 years or more, so it’s important to choose a good bed.

The Best Bed for the Way You Sleep

How do you know which is the best bed to sleep on? Before a person can answer that question, they must first dissect their own preferences and tendencies. Let’s start with the best mattress by sleep position.

Best Bed for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers make up the largest percentage of the population. This is when a person sleeps on either the right, left, or perhaps both sides of their body. Because the hips and shoulders are wider than the rest of the body, and will be receiving the most pressure from the mattress, the ideal mattress firmness would be a plush mattress.

A plush mattress seems to be the best bed for side sleepers. The plush mattress conforms to the contours of the body and relieves the pressures a firm mattress may pose on the hips and shoulders.

In plush terms, the best mattress to sleep on is a memory foam or latex mattress, which has a designated plush firmness rate, but also enough support to preserve spinal alignment. An alternative to a memory foam mattress is a plush pillow top spring mattress. Many pillow top spring mattresses even have memory foam in the pillow top which can help cut costs, but are not truly pressureless like all foam beds.

Best Bed for Back Sleepers

Sleeping on the back is more common among men. However, many women sleep this way, too, making it the second most popular position. People who sleep on their backs require medium firm, to firm mattresses. This type of bed is just firm enough to support your body without adding tension to the lower back muscles. The question most people have is how do they know which is the best bed out of the two.

The answer is simple and it will only take a few minutes to an hour out of their day. In order to find the best bed for you, it is recommended to visit a mattress showroom and test out the mattresses. Firm may be too firm for some back sleepers, while medium firm will be too soft for others. Knowing, which is the best bed to sleep on can only be decided by testing them out. You want to make sure the bed conforms your lower back – a bed that leaves the lumbar region unsupported or causes an unnatural curve is a recipe for pain.

Best Bed for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers are more comfortable on a medium surface. The best bed for them would be a medium mattress. Since they are on their stomachs and face, the ideal pressure is medium for those delicate areas of the body. Plush is often too soft and buries the face making it difficult to breath, and it sinks in the body in the wrong direction causing the back to arch and the neck and face to be arched as well.

Other Common Considerations

Which is the best bed to sleep on when injured?

Individuals who are injured, specifically in the back regions of the body, find that the best bed for them is a medium firm mattress. People with pressure-sensitive areas will likely get the greatest comfort from memory foam, which does not push back against the body like springs. Memory foam also prevents bedsores for the same reason, so if you or a loved are to be on bed rest for an extended period of time this should be a consideration.

Which is the best bed for couples?

Because the majority of the population comes in twos, finding the best bed for partners is a frequent but tricky question. One person may prefer plush, while the other may have back issues and need a firm mattress.

There is a solution that meets both sides in the middle. Partners with different views on which is the best bed to sleep on might consider  mattresses that allow for customization. Most commonly seen in mid to high-end latex mattresses, certain brands will allow you to order different firmnesses on each side of the mattress in queen or king size. A few memory foam and luxury innerspring manufacturers also offer this capability.  Partners could also purchase two regular mattresses of the same height in twin XL, which equals one king size.

Additional Tips

Speaking to your orthopedic doctor or chiropractor if you have serious back pain can aid you in finding the best mattress. Most doctors who treat back patients recommend firm mattresses or a medium firm as well, and may have types they’ve seen yield good results. They would also be able to inform you how your specific condition may benefit from one feature over another.

Also, some mattress companies offer samples. Usually this is done for memory foam and latex mattresses, which are easier to cut that spring mattresses. Some companies may allow you to order a small patch sample for you to test at home with your hands. This can give you an idea of the firmness and quality of the material.

Asking friends and family for advice is also a great way of getting information, but when it comes to mattress models, ALWAYS read the reviews and try to identify key criticisms that would affect your personal situation.

Overall, the best bed simply depends on each individual sleeper. Knowing, which is the best bed to sleep on is sometimes a hard thing to discover, but with a few avenues of help you can achieve the right answer. When you know, which is the best bed for you, consider shopping online for the model you liked and order it there to avoid making a trip and finding out it is out of stock.

4 thoughts on “How do you know which is the best bed for you?

  1. I have a chronic illness with chronic pain in all my muscles. I turn over a lot in bed because I am always uncomfortable and get a very sore hip from pressure pain. I spend about 10-12 hours in bed at night and 1-2 in the afternoon. At present I have a latex over foam mattress which is marginally better than the pillow-type box spring foam mattress I had previously. What type of mattress would you recommend?

    1. Hello, and sorry we didn’t see your comment sooner! Latex over foam mattresses do tend to perform better than spring beds, however all-latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses both earn higher owner satisfaction scores. Both memory foam and latex are very good at relieving pain and pressure points. If you prefer a more buoyant/resilient feel, an all-latex would be ideal. A bed with a firm core and softer upper latex layers would probably feel most comfortable, since it would provide support but initial pressure relief. Memory foam can be slightly better at relieving pressure points, but some higher density types can feel difficult to move on if that is a concern for you. A memory foam bed with 3-4 inches of medium to high-density foam would likely provide good comfort and support as well.

      1. have a top of the line bobopedic with the polilw top. this cost me about 2 grand.maybe 4/5 yrs ago. i got the queen size, and took advantage of the option to get the half firm / half soft firm for me soft for my gf at the time. we broke up, so the soft side does not get used. the polilw top on my side has completly detoriated,stretched and seporated. the firm side is now significantly softer than the soft. i can no longer sleep on my side due to back pain. filing a warranty claim.

    2. I bought a Bob-O-Pedic and witihn three months, the layers inside were coming apart and the covering was so loose that sheets would not stay on the bed. They replaced it under warranty, no problem. Then, after a few months, the same thing happened to the replacement. They offered a replacement and I refused it. They finally agreed to give me a refund, which they did, minus the delivery charge. So, I just filed a suit in small claims. The mattress sucks, big time, don’t buy one!

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