What’s the Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds?


What's the Best mattress For Adjustable Beds?

Finding the best mattress for adjustable bed bases is an important part of getting a sleep system you will be happy with and comfortable on. In our last article, we discussed how owners’ adjustable bed satisfaction averaged around 85%.  However, average mattress satisfaction is much lower, around 65-75% depending on the source. This means choosing a good mattress proves more difficult, something that many a shopper is familiar with. When looking for an adjustable bed mattress, you also have additional considerations, as it must be able flexible and durable in addition to comfortable and supportive. So, in this article we will look at the different types of mattresses used on adjustable beds and which offers the best prospects for comfort.

Adjustable Bed Mattress Options

The mattresses available for adjustable bases comprise the standard range, including foam, air, and spring beds. Memory foam remains the highest rated mattress overall in consumer surveys, with latex a close second and innersprings a distant fourth or fifth. Thus, mattress comfort with adjustable beds is likely to be fairly similar, compounded by the natural flexibility of foam mattresses.

Here is how we rank the types, from best to worst:

  1. Memory Foam
  2. Latex
  3. Innerspring

What Makes Memory Foam the Best Mattress for Adjustable Beds?

The best mattresses for withstanding the rigors of adjustable bases will be flexible and durable. Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses are ideal for adjustable beds, as their cellular structure is able to bend to fit the contours of the frame, and resilient enough to withstand repeated compressions. Additionally, these types of beds offer support regardless of position, whereas springs were designed with horizontal sleep in mind.

The advantages and benefits of combining a memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed are numerous. This setup grants users the pressureless, contouring benefits of memory foam and the positioning, pressure reducing benefits of adjustables, with the benefits of both products complementing each other.

Latex mattresses offer another good, spring-free alternative. This type of mattress offers a different feel than memory foam, while still offering highly durable, pressure free support.

Most people buy adjustable beds in an effort to reduce pain, however when used with innerspring beds, users will still experience pressure points and less than optimal support. While spring mattresses can be cheaper, another issue, especially with bases that have attached mattresses, is durability as the pillowtop compresses and the springs wear, meaning they will need to replaced more often than high-quality foam.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Adjustable Beds

  • Opt for a mattress depth less than 12 inches. Memory foam and latex of 8″ should offer sufficient support for back sleepers and lighter individuals. Side sleepers or heavier individuals may prefer 10″-14″ beds, but keep in mind, the thicker the mattress the less flexibility you will have.
  • Make sure the bed is spring-free: memory foam beds have a poly foam core, however latex mattresses should be all latex and nothing else.
  • Most adjustable bases are non returnable, but the mattress should have a return or exchange period (whether bought separate or as a set).
  • Compare many models, shop online for the best deals.

Our Recommendation

Overall, to get the most of your adjustable sleep system and enjoy optimal comfort, we recommend a memory foam mattress. In a previous articles, we have compared leading brands of memory foam. Based on those comparisons, we  suggest Amerisleep’s memory foam mattresses for adjustable beds, as they offer a good value and generous return period. Additionally, the plant-based material does not contain the toxic VOCs and flame retardant chemicals found in some other brands, and sleeps cooler avoiding the heat issue. For mattresses only, prices start at $649. Adjustable packages start at $1399.

Adjustable beds continue growing in popularity as they provide more comfort than traditional beds while fitting into even the most modern of bedrooms. From sleeping horizontal, to lounging in zero gravity, these beds offer the pinnacle of sleep comfort for all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking to replace an old adjustable mattress or considering a new set, it is important to research and choose an optimal mattress, as this is the component that actually supports your body. By choosing memory foam, the best mattress for adjustable beds, you can ensure comfort and quality rest for years to come.


  1. Your article, “What’s the Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds?” is followed by a link to a comparison of non-adjustable mattresses, the Amerisleep Liberty vs Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze.

    A comparison of adjustable foam and latex mattresses would be more helpful for those of us who came to the article specifically for adjustable bed information.

    • Hello! This article was focusing on mattress options for adjustable bed bases (the ones that are sold separate from mattresses, which can be used with a mattress of the buyer’s choosing), rather than the adjustable beds with the mattresses attached or packaged with the base. For these types of bases, most memory foam (like Tempur and Amerisleep) and latex mattresses will make a good team. But I see your point, and will make a note to include comparisons of adjustable bed+mattress sets for an upcoming post. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Alice Townsley January 21, 2014 Reply

    I’m allergic to latex. What is the composition o fmemory foam?

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