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Are you are moving houses? Renovating your home? Or do you simply want to freshen up your bedroom? Whichever the reason for a new mattress, choosing the right one can be a pretty tough task.

You must make sure it meets all the most important requirements. Like the size of your bedframe, or if you prefer sleeping on the floor, the size of your room. What’s more, it must be right for your body, your preferred sleeping position, and your health.

After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. It is our duty to make sure we look after our bodies and give them perfect conditions to rejuvenate every night. And here’s why.

Here is why you need a good mattress

A healthy body and mind need three components:

  1. An active lifestyle
  2. A healthy diet
  3. A restful sleep every night.

But while the first two seem to be taken very seriously, the third one often gets forgotten. In fact, a recent study has shown that only 10% of people focus on sleep more other aspects of daily living. And although the rest of these people seem to know that not getting good sleep is bad for them. They still fail to realize how much of an effect it can have on their bodies.

Sleep deprivation is a real thing. According to National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, not getting quality sleep can lead to serious long-term consequences. It can have a serious effect on your mental state. Disrupt your decision-making, problem-solving, and emotional stability. Same goes for the physical state. An increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, and high blood pressure.

Which only makes sense considering sleep is when your body heals itself, restores the chemical balance, and reboots your brain. Sleep must be taken seriously.

This is where the importance of a good mattress comes in.

According to the study on the effects a mattress has on sleep, most people have agreed that a new quality mattress has “improved their sleep by 55%”. They go on to say that “a significant increase in sleep quality and pain reduction was paralleled in significant decrease in stress.” That is a straight and obvious connection right there, scientifically proven.

A good mattress is not just for comfort, it’s a requirement for good mental and physical health. After all, it will be used for 7 to 9 hours every night—that is a third of your whole day, every day.

Good mattress = good sleep = good health.

But now that we know why we need a good mattress, how do we pick the best one?

In a rush? Why don’t you skip to the part that interests you the most:

Different types of mattresses

Before we get into our list of the best mattresses, we must look at what the mattress industry has to offer as a whole. Without going into too much detail, let’s see the pillars on which the industry is standing on.

There are eight common types of mattresses available on the market. Each type focuses on specific pain points, and has different pros and cons. Of course, there are different variations too. But let’s leave those out for another time and focus on the eight main ones.

Memory Foam mattresses

Memory Foam has an impressive history. It was originally invented by none other than NASA to improve the safety of their aircraft cushions. Fast forward fifty years, and memory foam is now a widely used commercial material.

Memory foam is known for its great adaptation to the shape that is placed upon it. That is why it is now widely used in many manufacturing industries. Starting from shoes and going all the way to pillows and other soft items.

In fact, this type of foam is now one of the most popular materials to make mattresses from. It gained demand because of its ability to form around the body creating a “cradling” effect. This in turn provides more cushioning and a softer base, making it a great option for people who like a softer bed.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses ruled the industry for many years. Then, new materials came along and started competing for the crown. This was the point where innerspring manufacturers knew they had to up their game. As otherwise, they would be pushed out of the market. And hence, we now have four different types of innerspring mattresses. So let’s take a look.

Continuous coil

Continuous coil mattresses are made from, well, a single continuous coil. The wire is bent into lots of S shapes and designed to go from the top to the bottom of the mattress. These shapes are then connected by one thick wire-frame. This is what provides continuous coil mattress its shape and durability.

This type of mattress has been around for a pretty long time. And its demand has not shrunk because of its affordability and reasonable comfort.

Bonnell coil

As the very first type of coil invented, Bonnell coil has not changed that much over the years. Its shape still resembles an hourglass with a knotted top. And the design is still simple and inexpensive to manufacture. Most likely that is what makes it the most commonly found coil today.

Offset coil

In the slightly higher price range, Offset coils provide durability, support and silence. They have a similar design to Bonnell coils, except for having flat sides at the top and the bottom.

Offset coils give more support and contour the body better than the previous two types of coils. And that is what raises its price tag, and places it in the mid to top range of mattresses.

Pocketed coil (Marshal coil)

Standing individual and proud, pocketed coils are not joined by any wire or frame. Instead, they are encased in fabric one by one, with a small connection to each other at the top. This allows the coils to move independently. And that is pretty unusual for innerspring mattresses.

Pocketed coils provide more support and better motion isolation. Their design is a little more complicated than that of other coils. That is most likely what places Pocketed coils in the mid to higher price range. That, and the superior quality.

Gel mattresses

Gel mattresses are a relatively new creation. Invented only in 2006, it took the mattress industry by surprise. Nothing quite similar was around yet. Which is exactly what helped gel mattresses secure their spot on the market.

Gel mattresses are made from gel-infused memory foam. The synthetic gel gets absorbed by the memory foam. This then creates a more breathable material. But the exact ingredients of the gel are rarely publicized by manufacturers. And nobody really knows why.

Gel mattresses are cooler to sleep on. They also spring back quicker than traditional memory foam. Other than that, they hold pretty good mattress reviews and cost a reasonable price.

Latex mattresses

There are three types of latex that can be used to manufacture a mattress. First is natural latex, which is made from a rubber tree. It is very rare and very expensive. Finding and buying a natural latex mattress would be a quest in itself.

Second is synthetic latex. This is a much cheaper alternative to natural latex. However, cheaper also means much poorer quality. Made from petroleum by-products synthetic latex tends to wear out faster.

The third kind is blended latex. This type includes both natural and synthetic latex. So it lasts shorter than natural latex and holds less chemicals than synthetic latex. All in all making it a “middle ground” between the previous two types of latex.

When it comes to manufacturing a latex mattress, there are two main methods.


Dunlop method is to simply pour the latex into the mold in one go. What this creates is a denser mattress at the bottom and slightly softer on the top.


Talalay method is a little bit more complicated. It includes pouring the latex into the mold, sucking all the air out of it and then freezing it. This creates a more consistent latex foam mattress than the previous method.

Pillowtop mattresses

Pillowtop mattresses are exactly what they sound like—they have a big pillow for a top. The topping is usually at least two inches thick, although it can be much thicker.

Pillowtop mattresses can be made from several different materials. E.g. cotton, latex, memory foam, etc. They provide a luxurious feel, making you feel like sleeping on a cloud.

However, this luxury costs accordingly, placing pillowtop mattresses in the high price range.

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are made using two very different mattress types. They are partly foam (memory or latex) and partly pocketed innerspring.

The idea behind hybrid mattresses is to take “the best of both worlds” and create one great mattress. The foam layer provides the support and contours the body. And the innerspring layer provides breathability and motion isolation. All in all, this makes hybrid mattresses an excellent choice for couples.


Known for their therapeutic properties, waterbeds have been around longer than innerspring mattresses. And with consistent development of new designs, it looks they will still stay around for a while.

Today, there are two main types of waterbeds available.

Soft side Waterbed

This type of waterbed has sturdy sides and a supportive top that do not require any extra support. It can be used as it is or be incorporated into existing bedroom furniture.

Hard side Waterbed

Hard side waterbeds are made from a water-filled mattress and a wooden frame. Both come as inseparable duo, providing each other with the needed support. Although bulkier and not as chic as a Soft side, Hard side waterbeds are a lot more affordable which makes it a more popular choice.

All in all, at one point being a number one choice by the people, waterbeds have now lost their popularity. But they are most definitely still around.


Airbeds are an excellent choice for comfortable camping. Or as an extra sleeping arrangement for your guests. With a huge variety in height and sizing, airbeds are great a emergency solution to have around the house.

When deflated, they take a minimal amount of space and can be packed away with ease. When inflated using an air pump, a double airbed can hold up to 450 lbs. Although an airbed should not be used as a permanent bed you sleep on, it is great to have for emergencies.

Determining the best mattress for 2018

To narrow down the thousands of mattress options available we will only focus on mattresses that are made out of foam. We will also look at a survey that was conducted by an impartial third party. This survey highlights what consumers’ priorities in high quality mattresses are. It should help us understand what people look for in a new mattress.

Let’s have a look.

Here are some of the top priorities that people look for in a mattress:

  • Comfort (89%)
  • Back support (81%)
  • No sinking (73%)
  • Stays cool (60%)
  • Quality cover fabric (60%)
  • Contains foam (such as gel, memory or latex) (42%)

According to the survey, around 50% of people spend up to two weeks researching mattresses on the market before making their decision. 41% turn to search engines, and 57% go to mattress shops to look around and gather information.

What this means is that people know what they need. They know what they want, and they are out to get it.

So with those points of importance in mind, we have created a quick comparison chart with this year’s top mattresses on the market. We will look at the brands and their credibility. We’ll learn about the science behind their top mattress’ design. And we will get into the real detail of what these mattresses are made of. So let’s get to it.

The best mattress comparison chart

 Amerisleep AS3Nectar MattressWRIGHT BEDDING W1.27 MATTRESSTEMPUR-Flex® Supreme BreezeABedInABox Serenity Mattress
Main Mattress MaterialBio–Pur™ FoamGel Memory FoamZeroG FoamTEMPUR-ES® materialGel Memory Foam
Temperature ControlExcellentVery GoodVery GoodExcellentExcellent
ResponsivenessExcellentVery GoodMediumVery goodVery good
Targeted Support LayerYesNoYesYesYes
Priority on Eco-FriendlinessYesNoNoNoNo
Quality Cover FabricYes – Celiant™ CoverYesYesYesYes
Firmness VarietyYesNoNoYesYes
Customer Ratings (Out of Five)
Free Trial Length100 nights365 nights120 nights90 nights120 nights
Warranty20 yearsLifetime15 years10 years20 years
Queen Price$1199$725$1435$3249$1899

What we see here is a chart of specifications. It quickly touches upon each mattress’s pros and cons without diving in deeper. If you know exactly what you want, this chart should be enough to help you decide.

If you’d like to explore these choices in more detail, read on. Because now we will analyze each mattress in depth and compare them to each other.

Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3 mattress is the best mattress for 2018.

First, let’s talk about the brand.

Started a decade ago, Amerisleep has worked hard to establish itself as a trustworthy, high-quality mattress brand. Always striving for the most innovative foam design, they have put in tremendous amounts of work in their mattresses.

The priority they aim to always put first is their customers. And this is visible when looking at their trusty and loyal customer-base today. It serves as an excellent representation of the company’s work and values.

Amerisleep is also very proud to be one of the most eco-friendly mattress manufacturing companies on the market. Plant-based materials and an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process shows their focus on being green. They make a serious effort to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. We can definitely appreciate that.

Now, let’s have a look at what they say about their mattress Amerisleep AS3 and it’s specifications:

  • Their FDA-determined Celiant™ Cover design holds 13 different thermoreactive minerals. These minerals do something rather unusual – they turn body heat into infrared light. This infrared light then temporarily increases blood flow in local body areas.
  • Their extra-breathable cooling layer Bio –Pur™ is no ordinary memory foam either. The mattress is five times more breathable than a traditional memory foam mattress. It also bounces back up to ten times faster, regaining its shape in mere seconds. All this thanks to its open-cell structural design.
  • Affinity layer is where the pressure point support magic happens. With its hexagonal design it targets the main pressure points of the body. This way, no matter what position you sleep in, your spine maintains its natural position.
  • The bottom layer called Bio–Core is designed to last decades of use without sagging or wearing out. In fact, that is how they can provide their two-decade warranty.

When you compare Amerisleep AS3 to other mattresses on the chart, you can see that it meets luxury mattress brands (minus the hefty price tag). With excellent pressure point support and great responsiveness, it easily keeps up with the big names in the industry.

Coming only in medium mattress firmness, it is the most versatile mattress of the bunch. But whether this “one size fits all” theory meets the actual criteria we cannot say. All we can do is look at the reviews of their customers, which seem to support this specification for the most part.

When it comes to the length of free trial, Amerisleep offers a slightly shorter time to decide whether you like their mattress or not. In fact, it is the second shortest time frame on the chart. Which makes us ponder why they do not give as much time as other brands.

But what the mattress loses in the length of free trial, it gains in the length of their warranty. Most of the competitors offer 10 year warranty while Amerisleep gives an impressive 20 year warranty.

So let’s round Amerisleep AS3 up.


  • Innovative design
  • Variety in mattress firmness
  • Long length of warranty
  • Excellent price


  • Slightly shorter free trial length

Nectar Mattress

Nectar Sleep mattress one of the top 5 best mattresses of the year

Let’s talk about the brand.

Nectar is a relatively new company that was founded only in 2017. However, for the short period of time that it has been around, it has already made a good name for itself.

How? Mainly by climbing to the top of the mattress market by offering a good product for a very affordable price.

The company prides itself in using quality materials sourced from around the world. And to prove the mattress’s durability and quality, they offer the longest trial and warranty periods on the market.

Being a new company, at first Nectar had its reliability questioned by some customers. This was due to them not being able to meet the big demand and not handling this issue professionally. However, Nectar seems to have fixed that now, as most of their reviews are positive.

Now, let’s look at what they say about the components of their Nectar Sleep mattress:

  • The top that is Tencel Cooling Quilted Cover is designed to draw away heat and circulate fresh air as you sleep. It is also naturally bedbug resistant which is a great bonus, as no one likes those itchy bites.
  • The second layer is Quilted Gel Memory Foam which focuses on contouring your body as you sleep.
  • Then, a Gel Memory Foam which works to distribute your weight and body heat evenly providing support where needed.
  • The fourth layer is Hi Core Memory Foam. It is of great quality but relatively heavy. This layer also has a good bounce-back rate. It helps to avoid that feeling of “being stuck”.
  • The bottom layer of their mattress is Breathable Base. This layer is dense yet airy and supportive. This provides the mattress with a stable foundation.

The fact that Nectar Sleep offers only one mattress can be seen as their blessing and their curse. It’s a blessing because they focus all their effort to create one perfect mattress that would meet everyone’s needs. They concentrate on delivering a well-thought-out and innovative product. And this raises the bar for other brands on the market.

But, it can also be a curse, because Nectar Sleep fails to deliver its customers the freedom of choice. The mattress comes only in one level of firmness, and it does not offer pressure point support. This means that the gel memory foam will contour and support you throughout the night. However, the core points of your body will not get any special attention. Thus, the natural state of the spine could be disturbed.

Whichever way you look at Nectar’s decision to only offer one mattress, they seem to radiate confidence. Offering one of the longest free trials and warranty time periods in the industry. A whole year to decide whether you want to keep their mattress. Complemented by a lifetime warranty that guarantees quality sleep “forever”.

P.S. According to research, only 3% of their customers have actually used this “Forever Warranty” to return their mattress. Showing that the mattress really does seem to meet people’s needs on most parts.

So here’s a quick roundup of the Nectar Mattress.


  • Excellent price
  • Innovative design
  • Excellent length of the free trial and warranty


  • No variety in mattress firmness
  • No targeted pressure point support
  • Weight (the mattress is heavy)

Wright W1.27 Mattress

A detailed look at Wright W1.27 medium firmness mattress.

First, let’s look at the brand.

Founded in 2013 Wright has earned a pretty impressive reputation as a company. They produce well-designed top-quality products and provide excellent customer service. It took them two years and 27 prototypes to release their one and only mattress Wright W1.27. But when they did, it was received especially well by the people.

Aside from the mattress, Wright also offers a small variety of quality bedding. They even offer customized designs for hospitality businesses that want to partner up.

Although they offer a limited choice of products, Wright managed to establish themselves as one of the top mattress brands this year. And they did so by having excellent reviews and press coverage online.

Here’s is how they describe the components of their Wright W1.27 Mattress on their website:

  • Top layer of 3BELOW™ gel-infused memory foam is designed to lower your sleeping temperature. It is three degrees lower when compared to a traditional memory foam mattress. It is also breathable and is infused with heat-conductive gel particles. Which provides great temperature control.
  • The second and third layers of polymer-reinforced ZeroG Foam. Providing reinforced responsiveness and contouring for the body as it sinks into the mattress.
  • A base foam that provides longevity and support for the mattress.

Unlike the other brands on our chart, Wright did not give away the real science behind the innovative layers of their mattress. No matter how deep we dug, all we found is the fact that the mattress was designed using real sleep tracking data. They must be keeping the method a secret. Probably to protect their process from being repeated by other companies. Which is smart. And, to be honest, very intriguing.

Also, seeing that the mattress comes only in “medium” firmness spikes our interest. But Wright representatives explain that medium is the precise firmness a mattress needs to be for the most optimal night’s rest. But can “one size” of this mattress “fit all” of the sleepers? It is not for us to say.

Overall, Wright’s W1.27 Mattress must be something special to accumulate so many great reviews and such good press coverage online. But keeping that in mind, it also comes with a pretty “special” price tag.

Here’s a quick roundup of Wright W1.27 Mattress.


  • Pressure point support
  • Good customer reviews
  • Good length of the free trial and warranty


  • Not enough information about the science behind this design
  • No variety in mattress firmness
  • Slightly higher price.

TEMPUR-Flex® Supreme Breeze

A TEMPUR-Flex® Supreme Breeze mattress luxury memory foam mattress.

Let us begin with the brand.

Tempur-Pedic is probably by far the best-known brand name on our list. It has been around for two decades. During which it had earned its reputation as one of the best memory foam mattress companies.

Tempur-Pedic is considered to be a luxury memory foam mattress brand. And their focus on pain relief for the back, shoulders and hips gives them a good medical advantage.

But, with the luxury title comes the luxury price. Tempur-Pedic mattresses costs twice as much as those with similar specifications and reviews.

Here’s what their top mattress TEMPUR-Flex® Supreme Breeze is made of:

  • The top Cooling Cover contains innovative technology. It is breathable, lightweight and provides a cooler sleeping surface.
  • The second layer of the mattress is made from extra-soft TEMPUR-ES™ material. This provides cooling comfort by drawing excess heat away from the body and distributing it throughout the mattress.
  • Third layer is made from TEMPUR-Response™ material. This responds quickly to your body’s weight by distributing it evenly across the mattress.
  • Their fourth layer is Dynamic Support. It is made out of densely placed innovative precision coils. These work with the Response layer above creating a perfect pressure point support system.
  • Just as all the other bases, TEMPUR™ base works as a foundation for the layers above. It provides longevity and support for the mattress. This base also gets rid of excess heat for the most optimal sleeping temperature.

TEMPUR-Flex® Supreme Breeze Mattress combines innerspring and memory foam technologies. This creates a hybrid mattress that aims to be the best of both worlds.

Because of its “Breeze” design, it provides good temperature control. And its expertly-arranged precision coils between the foam layers provide effective pressure point support.

TEMPUR-Flex® Supreme Breeze is a well-designed and innovative mattress with excellent specifications. But customer reviews are not as good as you would think they would be.

What puts them down?

Our guess: the price tag.

When people pay such a high price their expectations can become very hard to meet. It is safe to say that their customers expect something extraordinary. Our guess is that not all those expectations get met. Which can leave Tempur-Pedic in a complicated position.

So without further ado, here’s a quick roundup of TEMPUR-Flex® Supreme Breeze Mattress.


  • Temperature control
  • Pressure point support
  • Variety in mattress firmness


  • Slightly lower customer reviews
  • Length of free trial and warranty
  • Very high price

BedInABox Serenity Mattress

BedInABox Serenity memory foam and gel memory foam hybrid mattress.

Let’s discuss the brand.

BedInABox has been building its reputation as a reliable mattress company since 2006. From the start they have been expanding their mattress collection. Their aim to offer a wide choice for customers that want to sleep well without paying loads. In other words, BedInABox’s goal is to provide a luxury experience for a lower price.

Now, the brand is known for its latex and foam mattresses that each focus on different pain points. The seven models they offer cover individual pain point a person might have. This way, they are able to keep their prices low.

But some issues have been raised by people of a larger build. They claim that none of the models provide enough support. So, if you do weight above average, we suggest you skip BedInABox and look at the other four choices instead.

Here’s the components of their mattress BedInABox Serenity:

  • A Quilted-Top Cover uses their CoolRest® Adaptive technology. It regulates the temperature between the sleeper and the mattress. This layer is gel-infused and made extra soft in order to contour the body and provide a “cradling” effect. And who doesn’t like to be cradled?
  • The second layer is made out of two parts: CoolRest® gel memory foam and AirRest™ Adaptive foam. CoolRest® gel memory foam works the same as the layer above but is made from a different material. AirRest™ Adaptive foam provides balanced support to the body and relieves pressure points.
  • The third layer also holds two parts. Sure Align Support foam supports body weight and maintains natural spine alignment. And bottom Density Core provides a durable foundation for the mattress.

BedInABox Serenity Mattress is a hybrid that is made using both support memory foam and gel memory foam. The variety of specially designed layers create a very impressive model. Each layer is designed to serve a specific purpose. Which Serenity Mattress look like a well-thought-out and practical mattress design. No doubt!

But as great as it sounds on paper, the mattress was reported by 14% of owners to have a lingering unpleasant odor. BedInABox themselves explain that this is due to their plant-based materials. But because this has a negative result on their sales, this issue will likely be resolved in a near future.

Overall, BedInABox Serenity Mattress provides medium soft firmness. Great for people of average weight who prefer a softer mattress or sleeping on their side. While their motto is “accessible to everyone”, the mattress has higher price tag. But, the amount of science and innovation that went into designing it might make it worth the price.

Here’s a quick round up of BedInABox Serenity Mattress.


  • Temperature control
  • Pressure point support
  • Variety in mattress firmness
  • Good length of free trial and warranty


  • Higher price
  • Possible lingering odors
  • Low customer reviews

The best mattress for 2018 – Amerisleep AS3

Looking at other top mattresses this year, it is clear that Amerisleep AS3 rises above them. When it comes to the quality, innovation and price it is our recommendation. When placed against the competition, it seems to deliver on every aspect. And this makes it our definite favorite.

So now that we’ve given our recommendation, let’s take a closer look at Amerisleep AS3 and how it is made.

Why is Amerisleep AS3 the best mattress for 2018?

Here’s a full rundown as to why we gave the title of The Best Mattress For 2018 to Amerisleep AS3. After all, there is more to a truly good mattress than no poking springs or funny smells, right?

AS3 seems to be one of the most versatile mattresses available on the market this year. It is designed in a way that suits pretty much any sleeper type there is. This is a huge bonus for couples who prefer their mattresses of different firmness and style. Or for someone who likes to change their sleeping positions many times a night. This mattress’s main goal is to adapt and deliver. And, according thousands of happy users, that is exactly what it does.

What makes Amerisleep AS3 so special?

Amerisleep pride themselves in creating innovative designs backed by scientific studies and reports. Let’s look at the design in more depth to understand why it is so effective that it deserves the title of being the best.

Thermoreactive Celiant™ Cover

Effective temperature regulation seems to be a running theme amongst the top mattresses this year. But we suppose anyone who has slept on a mattress without any breathability can understand why having it is a crucial part of good sleep.

AS3’s FDA-determined Celiant™ Cover is designed using 13 different thermoreactive minerals. They help to regulate the temperature of your body as you sleep.

The Celiant™ Cover does this by taking your excess body heat and transforming it into infrared light. Once that is done, this infrared energy gets absorbed back into the body. Temporarily increasing local blood flow.

Temperature controlling Bio–Pur™ foam technology

When it comes to Bio–Pur™ foam, we see three points why it wins against other mattresses:

  1. This type of foam is more eco-friendly than its competitors because it made out of plant-based materials. This means that a good portion of petroleum gets cut out of the process. And it leaves a much smaller mark on the environment. Also, Amerisleep AS3’s Bio–Pur™ foam doesn’t have that “memory foam” smell. That is because no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) get released into the air as the time goes by. All thanks to the plant-based materials and the process of VPF.
  2. Bio–Pur™ foam is up to five times more breathable than traditional memory foam. This means better airflow without trapped heat. This is because it is made using an open-cell structure design. The best solution for temperature management.
  3. Bio–Pur™ foam is also designed to be denser than usual memory foam. This allows a more effective responsiveness. Traditional memory foam mattress takes up to a minute to bounce back. But because of the innovative design, Bio-Pur™ foam bounces back up to ten times faster.

Smart Affinity Layer

Amerisleep’s Affinity Layer adds more support to the mattress. Its special design works to relieve the pressure points on your body. It evenly supports your weight, regardless of your sleeping position. How? By applying an innovation, they call Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy (HIVE®).

Placing HIVE® inside the Affinity layer creates a division that is made of hundreds hexagon-shaped cutouts. These are separated into five comfort groups. This allows targeted support for important parts – head, shoulders, back, hips, and feet.

How does HIVE® work exactly?

Where your body needs more support and firmness (like the head, neck and feet), the hexagon cutouts are closer together. This stops them from expanding, providing much needed stability and a supportive base.

And where the body needs more softness for better sleep (like the shoulders and hips), the opposite is done. The hexagonal shapes are placed further apart, allowing more space for expansion.

In more simple terms, HIVE® provides firmness where you need it, and softness where you want it. And all of this is based on a third party clinical study. They say that using HIVE® technology Amerisleep AS3 can successfully reduce pressure points pain by 49%.

Supportive Bio – Core™ Base

Bio–Core™ is what Amerisleep uses for all their mattresses’ bases. It provides excellent support for your hips and shoulders as you sleep. This way it also maintains spine’s natural alignment. Regardless of what position you prefer to sleep in.

Same as Bio-Pur™ mattress foam, Bio–Core™ base is partially made from plant-based materials. Using a modern, eco-friendly manufacturing of Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) Amerisleep majorly cut down the use of petroleum. This then prevents the release of other toxic chemicals and reduces their carbon footprint on our environment.


Our case is laid out with facts and figures speaking for themselves. Amerisleep AS3 wins this year’s title as The Best Mattress for 2018. Versatile, innovative, and affordable – it wins against other mattresses this year.

But we are interested in what you have to say. Do you agree that Amerisleep AS3 is the best mattress for 2018? Or do you think that this title should belong to another mattress? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

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