Best Bed for Lower Back Pain

Learn How to Get the Best Bed for Lower Back Pain

Best Bed for Lower Back Pain

There are a number of people who experience backaches regularly who are in search of the best bed for lower back pain. Lower back pain is often caused by the muscles becoming stressed or tensed due to lack of proper support on critical points of the body.  For many, aches and pains may even be something that they tried to get used to. However, lower back pain is not something that people have to suffer with in silence. In fact, there are some beds that have been proven to help reduce and even stop this particular problem.

What is the Best Bed for Lower Back Pain?

There are a number of mattress options available these days, so how do you know which is the best bed for lower back pain? The most critical aspect of any bed is whether or not it provides adequate support. Often, people experience back pain because their bodies are not properly supported while they sleep.  The best mattress for back pain is one that will support the contours of your lower back while not placing excess pressure on hips and shoulders. The two best materials for this purpose are latex and memory foam.

Latex Mattresses

Latex is a terrific option for people that suffer with lower back pain. Latex works to contour itself to the natural shape of the body while providing support that is necessary for pressure points. This type of mattress allows the body to completely relax while the mattress does the work. Latex is known for being a little on the firm side of mattresses. While some people may not particularly care for firmness, people with back problems need to steer clear of soft beds that are prone to sagging. If the mattress sags so does the body which will cause back pain over time. Latex is a perfect design for someone who needs that additional support. Several types are also available with plusher upper layers for those that prefer plusher beds.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is another option that many people with lower back pain utilize for relief.  This type of mattress molds itself to the body, offering even greater contouring than latex. Memory foam is known for pressure-less support that cradles the entire back, supporting natural alignment and allowing your back to relax. If the body is not supported evenly then muscles will tense and strain which leads to a less restful sleep and, of course, an aching back. Memory foam works to provide proper comfort and support so people can finally have the support that they need to sleep well and not wake up with aches and pains.

What to Avoid

The reason that memory foam and latex are both able to provide proper support is that they contour to the individual and remove strain from the back. Some beds simply do not support the body and in fact do more to cause back pain than to relieve it. If these areas are not addressed then it can cause tension on the lower back which will cause back pain over time. Spring mattresses in particular are not a good option for people with lower back problems. The springs place pressure on the heaviest parts of your body like shoulders and hips which are pulled down by gravity. This leaves the lower back region unsupported leading to distorted alignment and tension.  Also, very soft beds usually do not provide enough support to maintain good alignment, and may cause a hammocking effect. Medium-firm to firm beds are generally considered optimal for back pain prevention.

Getting the Best Bed for Lower Back Pain

Many people will experience some degree of lower back pain while they sleep. However, this is not an acceptable part of anyone’s sleep cycle. In order to adequately address this problem, it is important for people to consider their mattress type when looking for relief, as mattresses play a key role in sleep quality. For those that are prone to lower back pain, it is especially important to select a bed the supports the region. Due to their contouring and pressureless qualities, memory foam and latex offer the best options for relief.  While choice will ultimately come down to your preference, the best bed for lower back pain is one that relieves pressure points and maintains natural alignment.

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