What’s the Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds?

adjustable beds
Adjustable beds are quickly becoming a popular choice for the bedroom. While many may still associate an adjustable bed with something commonly found in a hospital room, others have made the switch from ordinary bed frames due to the versatility and customization an adjustable bed provides. Finding the best adjustable bed and mattress to meet your own unique sleep needs can seem difficult, as an adjustable bed mattress must be a certain height and firmness, but also provide you with the comfort and support you prefer from a bed.

In this guide, we’ll cover what to look for when choosing your own adjustable bed set as well as our favorite mattresses to complement an adjustable base.

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What are Adjustable Beds?

Some people call them zero-gravity beds, others call them adjustable beds, but in the end, they’re talking about a bed that offers head and foot articulation. Originally, adjustable beds were designed to help patients relieve pain and receive more comfort. Recently, many bed manufacturers have decided to bring these into the mainstream market. Today, there are plenty of affordable options that you can enjoy at home.

The Advantages of an Adjustable Bed

Pain relief

By controlling the head, body, and foot areas, adjustable beds offer great adaptability when it comes to pain relief. For example, a zero-gravity function will lift your legs above your heart, which can reduce pain in your lower back. In a similar fashion, you can adjust your head’s height and reduce the pain in your neck and shoulder area.

Separate Comfort Sides

Both sides of an adjustable bed can be controlled individually with separate remotes. This way, you can sleep flat while your partner stays in the seated position without disturbing you.

Reduces snoring

By adjusting your partner’s head’s height, you can help silence snoring. When the head is elevated, the airways open up to allow for easier breathing and less snoring; adjustable beds are usually recommended to those who experience sleep apnea. This function of an adjustable bed is so popular that most remotes now have a “no snoring” function.

Suits all types of sleepers

Due to their multi-functionality, when combined with a high-quality mattress, adjustable beds suit all types of sleepers.

The Disadvantages of an Adjustable Bed


Adjustable beds are not built to be stylish. They tend to be bulky, take up a lot of space, and can often be difficult to match with the design of your bedroom.


Although they have become more accessible for most budgets, quality adjustable beds still have very high price tags.

Mattress Choice

When it comes to buying a mattress for an adjustable bed frame, the choices are pretty limited. Not all types of mattresses are suitable for this type of bed frame, and not all sizes work well. When choosing the height of your mattress, we recommend choosing a mattress between 10 and 14 inches in height, as anything smaller may not offer enough support and something taller may not have the flexibility an adjustable bed requires.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of What’s The Best Bed’s top 5 mattresses for an adjustable bed frame.

Our Adjustable Bed Mattress Choices

Amerisleep AS3
Source: www.amerisleep.com

The Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

Amerisleep offers adjustable mattresses in Twin, Regular King, Queen, and Full Bed sizes. Each size comes in three different firmness levels: the AS2 which is medium-firm, the AS3 (medium), and the AS4 (medium-soft).

All of the AS models are packed with technological innovation. They are modern, eco-friendly, and relatively affordable. Additionally, they also sleep much cooler than ordinary memory foam.

The Amerisleep AS3 is their medium option, which is suitable for just about any sleeper, making it a great option for an adjustable bed.

Let’s have a look what makes the Amerisleep AS3 mattress a great choice:

  • The cover of their mattresses is made from a thermo-reactive Celliant® fabric. It’s designed to absorb your body heat and convert it into infrared light, which improves local blood circulation.
  • The first layer is extra breathable Bio-Pur® foam— this plant-based foam is five times more breathable than regular memory foam.
  • Second, is the Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy (HIVE®) layer. It provides targeted support by smartly adapting to your body’s pressure points.
  • The final Bio-Core layer provides support for the other layers and gives the mattress the needed bounce. This plant-based base layer is also very durable and better for the planet.

Temperature control

The combination of the Celliant® cover and plant-based foam makes the AS3 mattress very breathable. The minerals inside the Celliant® cover convert your body heat into infrared light, which helps to cool the mattress off. This effect, added to the breathability of the plant-based foam layers, and to the airy design of the HIVE® layer, makes the AS3 a very cooling mattress.

Motion isolation

Because the AS3 mattress is made from high-quality Bio-Pur® foam, it has great motion isolation. Even if you share the bed with a restless partner or an active pet, you will be able to sleep through the night without any disturbance.


Using plant-based foam greatly reduces any unpleasant odors that will disrupt your sleep. Typically, these mattresses can be enjoyed as soon as they’re pulled out of the box.


Amerisleep has developed their HIVE® technology to help support your body properly while you sleep. The targeted zone system makes sure that you get enough support where you need it, and is soft enough where you want it.


The Amerisleep AS3 mattress comes at 12 inches tall. Slightly taller than the other mattresses we mention in this list, but still adaptable to an adjustable bed frame.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Amerisleep offers the standard 100-night free trial and a longer 20-year warranty. This gives you time to test the mattress to ensure it fits your lifestyle. We especially liked how if you’re unsatisfied anytime during the trial, Amerisleep will pick up the mattress for either donating or recycling.


The AS3 mattress comes at $1099 for a queen size.

best mattress for adjustable bed
Source: www.leesa.com

The Leesa Mattress

The Leesa memory foam mattress is rated as medium-firm to firm on its official website. While this is great for a large number of sleepers, it might be too hard for you if you enjoy sleeping on softer mattresses.

Let’s have a look at the layers inside:

  • The Leesa mattress’s cover is made from a thick polyester blend. This makes it durable, while still allowing plenty of air to pass through.
  • Under the cover is the first foam layer. It’s made from 2 inches of Avena foam and is meant to feel a bit similar to latex, giving it a cooling effect.
  • Below is a 2-inch layer of memory foam, this cradles your body, providing a decent amount of pressure relief. Because it sits under the Avena layer, the memory foam doesn’t cause a build-up of heat during the night.
  • The last 6-inch layer is made from high-density poly foam; this provides support for your body and prevents you from sinking too deep into the mattress.

Temperature Control

While the Leesa is a memory foam mattress, the top Avena layer is very breathable and reduces excess body heat during the night. The top layer also has an “egg tray” design, creating air pockets to encourage air circulation. This makes the Leesa a fairly cool mattress to sleep on.

Motion Isolation

Motion is well isolated by the Leesa mattress, meaning you can get in and out of bed without ever disturbing your partner.


As with most traditional memory foam mattresses, the Leesa mattress produces some off-gassing when it’s first unpacked. However, it usually dissipates within the first few days.


The gentle contouring and the density of the foam layers provide the Leesa mattress with good pressure point relief and support. The spine also stays in its natural alignment, no matter what position you prefer to sleep in.


The Leesa mattress is 10 inches thick — an ideal size for an adjustable bed frame.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Leesa offers 100 nights of free trial and 10 years of warranty.


The Leesa mattress in Queen size comes at the price of $995.

layla mattress
Source: laylasleep.com

The Layla Mattress

The most unique selling point of the Layla mattress is the copper-infused memory foam. Copper naturally moves excess heat away from your body while killing bacteria and mold build-up at the same time.

Another interesting point about the Layla mattress is its flippable design. One side of it is classified as soft while the other is firm, letting you quickly change the firmness level simply by turning it over.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the layers inside:

  • The cover of the Layla mattress is made from polyester that’s infused with a cooling gel; this creates a soft sleeping surface and allows better temperature control. The cover is removable but is dry clean only. Washing machines would ruin the gel and also void the warranty.
  • Looking at the soft side of the mattress, next up is the 3-inch copper-infused memory foam— this is what creates the soft comforting effect and slow response.
  • Next, is the 2-inch convoluted layer of high-density foam. This layer has a firmer feel than the foam above and creates a smooth transition between the soft first layer and thick base layer.
  • Because of Layla’s flippable system, this is called the main support layer. It is dense and has a quick response rate. This is the mattress’ main support layer, regardless of which side you sleep on.
  • At the bottom is a 1-inch thick firm comfort layer made from the same type of copper-infused foam as the top of the Layla mattress. The only difference is that it’s three times thinner, and has no transitional layer beneath it.

Temperature control

The Layla mattress combines a few different ideas together to combat heat build-up. First is the gel-infused cover, which helps to wick the heat away from your body. Combined with the copper-infused foam underneath, it does a decent job at temperature control. Also, on the soft side of the mattress, the convoluted transitional layer allows better air circulation. This further reduces excess body heat build-up. As for the firm side, the lack of transitional layer makes breathability not so great. That being said, the comfort layer is much thinner, so you should not produce as much heat in the first place.

Motion isolation

The unique design of the mattress keeps motion transfer to a minimum. The dense foam layers absorb pretty much all movement; this makes the Layla mattress a great choice for combination sleepers, restless sleepers, and anyone that shares their bed.


Because the foam used in the Layla mattress is not plant-based, there is a chance of some off-gassing, but the smell shouldn’t linger for any longer than a few days.


When it comes to support, the Layla mattress doesn’t bring anything new to the table. There is no targeted support, and the main support layer is made from dense poly-foam.
This is not to say that the Layla mattress isn’t supportive, however, it just may not be supportive enough for some sleepers.


The Layla mattress comes at 10.5 inches tall; a great size for an adjustable bed frame.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Layla offers 120 nights to decide if the Layla mattress is a good fit for you. If so, you receive a limited lifetime warranty.


A Queen-sized Layla mattress comes at $799.

adjustable bed mattress
Source: zenhaven.com

The Zenhaven Mattress

The Zenhaven is another dual firmness mattress for adjustable beds. One side is Luxury-Plush, and the other is a Gentle-Firm.

The Zenhaven mattress is made from the Talalay latex. Although Talalay is a little bit less durable than Dunlop, it’s more breathable and buoyant. Because of this, it sleeps much cooler and contours your body better.

To further maximize the air flow, Saatva decided to make both comfort and support layers with pinholes; this creates plenty of space for fresh air to move around.

Let’s have a look at the layers inside:

  • The Zenhaven mattress’ cover is made from organic cotton, which is known for its breathability and softness. The cover on both sides is also quilted with wool— this wicks the moisture away, keeping you dry and cool throughout the night.
  • The Luxury Plush side of the mattress features a 5-zoned comfort layer, and this design offers you firmer support in the places where you need it.
  • Underneath, is a 3-inch support layer. This layer is slightly softer than the 4th layer and provides a slightly plusher feel to the mattress.
  • The third layer is another 3-inch support layer acting as a base layer for the Luxury Plush side, or the support layer for the Gentle Firm side of the mattress.
  • The final layer is 1.5-inch, 5-zoned comfort layer that is made from firmer latex than the other side— this makes up the Gentle Firm side of the Zenhaven mattress.

Temperature control

Since it’s designed with pin-holed Talalay latex, there’s a lot of room for air circulation and temperature control, making the Zenhaven mattress sleep exceptionally cool.
The wool used in their design also helps to control the moisture of the mattress and prevents the build-up of sweat or condensation.

Motion isolation

Because the Zenhaven mattress is made from latex, motion is a lot more noticeable than in memory foam mattresses, even more so on the Gentle Firm side of the mattress.


The Zenhaven mattress is made from 100% organic and eco-friendly materials, greatly reducing your chances of experiencing off-gassing with this mattress.


The 5-zone support layers offer a targeted support system. They provide a firmer base for the torso and shoulder areas, and a softer base everywhere else, an advantage for back or stomach sleepers. However, because of the extra pressure put on the shoulders, side sleepers might find this mattress uncomfortable.
If you’re a side sleeper, we recommend you consult our guide to find the best mattress for side sleepers.


The Zenhaven mattress comes at 10 inches in height — a perfect fit for an adjustable bed frame.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Upon purchase, you get 120 nights to decide if you want to keep the mattress or not. If you decide to do so, there’s a 20-year warranty.


A Queen-sized Zenhaven mattress comes at a price of $1899.

spindle mattress
Source: spindlemattress.com

The Spindle Mattress

Once you decide on what firmness layers you want to include, the Spindle mattress arrives in three different boxes. From there, you assemble the mattress yourself, which is quite a unique and unusual experience.

In case you decide that your Spindle mattress needs to be softer or firmer, you can replace one of the layers.

Let’s have a look at what’s inside:

  • The cover of the Spindle mattress is made from cotton and is batted with natural wool; this allows plenty of breathability, and wicks all of the moisture away from your body.
  • For the sleepers that don’t enjoy the latex feel, the batting of natural wool adds an extra soft layer between you and the latex.
  • Both the first and the second layers are usually made from medium firmness latex to provide plenty of support and contouring.
  • The third layer serves as a base and is made from a firmer type of latex, which provides stable support. If you decide you want to make your mattress firmer, you can move this layer to the top or middle of the mattress.

Temperature control

Latex is known for its natural temperature control. While it’s not as cool as an innerspring mattress design, it offers much better temperature control when compared to ordinary memory foam.
On the downside, because the Spindle mattress uses Dunlop latex instead of Talalay latex, it’s still not as breathable as it could be.

Motion isolation

As with most latex mattresses, motion isolation is not the best part about the Spindle mattress. If you sleep with a restless partner you can be sure you’ll feel them move around in bed.


There is a slight chance of the Spindle mattress producing some off-gassing, but it’s unlikely. Very few customers have reported this occurring.


The Spindle mattress doesn’t have a specifically zoned support system. However, latex naturally provides some pressure point relief and support.


The Spindle mattress is 10 inches tall — an ideal size for most adjustable beds.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Spindle offers 365 nights to try out their mattress and see if you like it. After the sleep trial, the mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty.


The Spindle mattress comes at $1349 for a Queen size.

What to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Bed and Mattress

When looking for the best mattress to combine with your new adjustable bed frame, there are some things you need to consider. Otherwise, you might not be using the full potential of your bed, or even end up with a mattress that’s unsuitable for the adjustable bed frame.

Thickness & Flexibility

When it comes to the adaptability of the mattress, the thickness is one of the most important factors. A mattress that is too thick will not be able to bend and adjust to various positions of an adjustable bed, causing it to lose quality and break down much faster than intended.
This is especially true if you are looking to buy an innerspring or hybrid mattress. Because of the way they are constructed, the coils inside might not be able to adapt as easily as memory foam or latex.
Because of their natural flexibility, memory foam mattresses work best with adjustable beds, with latex mattresses coming in at a close second.
As for the thickness, the most optimal height for an adjustable bed mattress is 10 to 12 inches.

Sleeping Position

Another important factor to consider is your sleeping position. Not every mattress is made equal, understanding your needs and learning how to cater to them is a very important part of your sleeping habits. Here is a quick rundown of different sleeping positions, and what kind of mattress suits them best:

Side sleepers comprise a large portion of the US population. Fortunately, this is considered the healthiest pose to sleep in. When choosing a mattress, you want to find one that will have good pressure relief. When you sleep on your side, extra pressure is placed on your shoulders and hips— without proper support, this pressure can lead to back pains.

Read our other guide to find the best mattress for side sleepers.

Stomach sleepers need to be wary about their sleeping position, as studies say it’s the unhealthiest option. When you lay on your stomach, a lot of your weight is at the center of your stomach, and this pulls your spine towards the mattress which can lead to chronic back pain. To reduce the chances of this happening, you should get a firmer mattress, as there will be more support at your core.

If you’re a stomach sleeper and none of the mattresses on this list interest you, read our other guide to find the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

Back sleepers should look for a medium or a medium-firm mattress, which will offer plenty of support and pressure point relief. You can also invest in a thin pillow that can be placed in the space between your back and the mattress— doing so will reduce the risk of lower back pain. If you experience chronic back pain, we recommend finding the best mattress for lower back pain.

Mattress Types

Apart from the thickness of the mattress, the material is the second most important aspect to consider. And even more so when choosing a mattress for an adjustable bed.

Memory Foam

Memory foam can be split into three categories:

Traditional memory foam is known for its slow response and heat retention. Being the most budget-friendly out of the bunch, it’s also the least eco-friendly.

To reduce heat build-up, scientists have infused traditional memory foam with gel beads, creating gel memory foam; this foam is a more cooling and breathable material with quicker response rates.

Plant-based memory foam reduces the amount of petroleum used in its manufacturing, creating a material that’s environmentally safer and healthier for your body. Plant-based foam also has a very wide cell structure, making it five times more breathable than ordinary memory foam— by far our favorite material for adjustable beds.


Latex is another great choice for adjustable beds. It’s naturally cooling and more responsive than some memory foams. Depending on which manufacturing process is used to make the latex foam, it can be either durable and dense, or breathable and bouncy.

The Dunlop method is the original way to make latex. The tree sap is whisked into a foam, poured into a mold, and then baked at a high temperature to create the rubbery substance. This makes it very durable and dense — great for those who like their mattresses firmer.

The Talalay method makes the mattresses more breathable and slightly bouncier. The first step is the same as with the Dunlop method, but the mold does not get filled to the top. Instead, it’s placed into a vacuum chamber and made to expand, filling the mold with less latex. Then it is frozen and injected with carbon dioxide gas. The final result is latex foam that’s more breathable and bouncy.


Although there are four types of innerspring mattresses, most are unsuitable for adjustable beds because they are not designed to be bent in any way. The only type of innerspring coil that might work for adjustable beds is pocketed coils. These coils are placed into individual pockets, and not connected to each other. This allows the design more flexibility and potential for bending.


Hybrid mattresses are manufactured from two different materials: a foam top and an innerspring bottom. While a great choice for a standard bed frame, the innerspring-inclusive design makes it a risky choice for an adjustable bed frame.

Overview of The Best Mattress for an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are steadily becoming more popular and for a good reason. Their versatility and health benefits are hard to ignore and can complement almost any type of sleeper. When looking for the best mattress for your lifestyle, it’s important to do research before purchasing. We hope our guide has made it easier to choose which mattress you want to pair with your adjustable base.

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    1. I have asthma and have Allergan covers on all my mattresses and pillows. I want and adjustable frame but am at a loss as to which mattress I should purchase.

  1. I bought a Beautyrest Bay Point LXF + adjustable base. Store has a “no return policy” I am very unhappy with the mattress. What can I do?

  2. I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis & a torn rotery cuff. All my life I have slept on a very supportive & firm mattress. So I purchased a gueen sized sleep number bed and adjustable frame. Cost was ridiculous! Then 2 yrs later moved and purchased a full sized mattress and box spring set for my guest bedroom,from Ashley Furniture, it was Ashley’s brand. Well I had company so I had them stay in the master bedroom as it was a queen & I slept on the Full size Ashley mattress. OMG, I slept so good! And have been sleeping in it ever since. Last night I was so tired and ready to go to bed when I realized, I forgot to dry my sheets! So I decided to sleep on the sleep number. I woke up 2 hours later in severe pain! I was hurting so bad, I cried in pain! I hate that sleep number! But I miss sleeping in my master bedroom & attached bath! Plus I have two dogs and feel crowded in the full size bed.What do I do???? I would like to keep the adjustable mattress base and get a new queen mattress. Never been a real fan of memory foam as I feel like I’m stuck in the bed & can’t changed positions very freely. Plus they seem hot to me. I love that Ashley mattress as it’s very cushy and soft. When I climb into bed, it’s like I exhail and melt into the mattress and become one. Please help me, Any suggestions? Is it very hard to sell a slightly used sleep number?

    1. I truly understand about the pain I brought an adjustable base and mattress from rtg in March I still hurting just keep looking that’s what I am doing sincerely good luck

  3. We have an adjustable queen bed from the Healthy back store and we are still experiencing back and hip pain. Our mattress is about 8 years old and the pillow top sagged early. We got rid of it and the latex beneath is not too saggy but we still have pain. We have been on a few trips and stayed at a Holiday Inn and a Disney resort and on a Disney cruise and had no back pain the entire time we were away. Is it the adjustable bed or just that we need a new mattress and if it is the latter. I am a back sleeper and my husband sleeps on his back and side. Any recommendations?

  4. We researched the heck out mattresses and settled on the Sleep Number IQ-10 with adjustable base. What a never-ending nightmare this has turned out to be! We’re convinced Sleep Number is just making bank selling non-refundable uber-expensive adjustable bases at $3,000 each!. So after 60 more days of sleepless nights they finally picked up the mattresses and we’re now on air mattresses- similar to the experiencing of camping in the woods! We’re desperate now for 2 quality, but no-frills 10″ XL twin mattresses for a split king adjustable base.. ANY suggestions is greatly appreciated!

    1. we are in the same situation. looking for suggestions. Worst mistake of our lives. hip pain, back pain, neck pain. Loved our old sleepnumber bed. this one is a nightmare. looking for way to save the adjustable frame and get just new mattresses.

      1. I’m also miserable was sold a slumber plush mattress and the base was a promotion the bed was miserable nothing like the feel in the store which was on a box spring I asked if the base could change the performance and feel I was told No The more I researched the more I earn the answer is Yes, inner spring latex and foam not a great fit for adj base I was able to return that mattress in less than 10 miserable nights pressure points were aweful I’m in asituation with the 2nd bed a pillow top that after 2 months is miserable sagging slump spot hard to roll I’ve noted I don’t think thissouldbea warranty issue at this time I’m not past the120days it’s obvious to me that the brand and materials of the beds are not made well enough for the adjustable base Now they they can do a refund I get virtually nothing bc the base was part of a promotion omG My only option may be to warranty so early in this I’m just feeling this entire base thing should never be part of a promotion when issues arise it’s entirely something else just wrong all around

    2. You pay so much for comfort,
      and it becomes
      a dream of nightmares.
      I’m on my second base but I can’t find the mattress.
      I need something soft.
      Has anyone tried memoryfoam?

      1. Yes I have an experience with memory foam on my adjustable base. The first mattress we were talked into was WAY TOO HOT…so they talked us into an exchange for one with cooling technology and we ended up paying about $6,000 for a Tempra-Pedic memory foam (firm mattress) with the cooling technology added (PLUS we paid almost $2,000 for our adjustable base) and the mattress developed SINK HOLES after only a little over a year. I am SO mad. The warranty is void because it has a TINY stain on the mattress.

  5. Is there mattress toppers for adjustable beds, I am looking for something to make the bed softer, ie. less firm.

  6. We bought a sleep number bed in January and it’s been a nightmare. We are on our second base and mattress and still having the same issues. It looks like we are stuck with the flex fit base. What type of mattress will work with this adjustable base?

    1. Looking for the same response. Just bought the i8 with FlexFit frame and not loving the mattress. I want a mattress to use with the frame.

      1. I have slept on the same sleep number now for two nights and hate it. I’m already looking for mattresses that will work with the flex base 2. I’m so disappointed

        1. same issue as Robin, Linda and Ellen. I don’t want to purchase another base but this sleep number mattress has to go.

  7. We purchased a split queen adjustable bed two years ago. The foam mattress that came with it is not firm enough. How do I find a firmer foam mattress?

    1. You have 60 days to replace your bed, but not the base. I’ve done it (returned base that was broken) and my re-socking fee was $750.
      I’m finding my old couch more comfortable then a $2700 bed.

  8. We previously had a Beauty Rest for 10 years and had no problem with motion transfer. We bought a Serta adjustable base with a Serta mattress. With this expensive new bed I could feel every movement of my husband! We went back to Mattress Firm and were able to trade up to a Beauty Rest, thinking the Serta mattress was at fault. Nope…same result with the Beauty Rest so my conclusion is that it’s the adjustable base’s fault. When it’s kept flat, I don’t feel him move quite as much. However, we don’t sleep with the base in the flat position! I’m very disappointed because I now wake up every time he does…which is at least twice a night (he goes to the toilet).

    1. We just purchased a SPLIT king bed and it is really 2 different beds that look like and can function as one or can be set so each side has its own remote. We feel NO movement of the other person. I think any split king would be the same but we got a saavta mattress and a lineal base (2 twin XL and 2 basses).

      1. How do you like the saatva. We have split adjustable with a king mattress. We are going to Twin XL so we can both sleep how we want. Do you still like it? any problems?

  9. I currently have a Queen interspring with headboard and footboard and want to replace it with a Queen adjustable. My bed has wooden side boards where the slats which hold the box spring are placed across the inside lip. The dimensions of the adjustable frame is 60 x 80; the same as dimensions of a Queen bed. How will the frame fit within the open space? I am ready to purchase but am afraid because the base is non-returnable.

    1. Hi, Got to ask. I have the same as you have now. I have almost with all that I have read decided to stay with what I have. You?

  10. I’m 70 years old and have to sleep on a memory foam mattress when at my daughters. It is uncomfortable and difficult for heavier older people to get out of a memory foam bed. I actually have to grab onto something and pull myself out, regardless if I’ve slept on my side or back. Personally, I hate them. After being in bed a while I also get too warm and actually sweat.

  11. Memory foam is a petroleum product and if you look at the warranties it excludes the natural “softening” of the foam. Depending on the user a typical memory foam bed will begin to soften and cause back problems after 4 or 5 years. Pure natural latex, while more expensive, has similar support and pressure relief of memory foam but does not “soften” over time. It’s not uncommon for a 6 or 8 inch pure natural latex mattress to last 30 years or more without forming body impressions and losing support. I’ve had inner spring, memory foam and latex mattresses. I will never buy anything but latex. Also, latex mattresses do not have the allergic issues because the vulcanization (baking) process to solidify the liquid latex kills the protein that causes the allergies. A good manufacturer also triple washes the slab of latex to remove the soaps used in the Dunlop and Talalay process.

  12. Will a sleep number twin mattress work on any other adjustable bed frames? I am trying to convert a regular sleep number twin bed to an adjustable twin.

  13. I miss my normal pocket sprung mattress
    I love the adjustability of my new bed
    I hate the mattresses designed to go with it.
    Why- no matter which combination of mattress one gets for these beds they are HOT – HOT- HOT Sleeping in the tropics but zero degrees outside ??! forever trying to cool off – not a great sleep+colds/flu due to poor body temperature control caused by mattress
    Bet the sales team didn’t tell you that one

  14. will a standard pillow top mattress work with a adjustable bed? We have been using a warming mattress cover and would like to keep using it. I am leery about using the warming mattress cover with a foam or latex mattress.

    Please advise.


  15. My husband is a heavy man. He has breathing problems also. We bought an adjustable memory foam from Bob’s. Mattress lasted less than a year and a half. There is no movement allowed on the mattress and I have a hard time rolling over and getting out of bed. I was always uncomfortable. You can really sit on side of bed to get dressed or whatever, because it sinks in. It was comfortable for him, but would shift from side to side at night – in morning mattress on his side would be hanging off by 4 or 6 inches and be unsupported. Too heavy of a mattress to maneuver also, so hard to us to get back in place. Have to say that Bob’s stood by their warranty and gave us full replacement price. We went back there and bought an upgraded spring mattress that they said could be used on the adjustable frame. Three weeks later it is sagging where it the bend is when head is up… now I am afraid they will say it is our fault for being overweight… not sure what to do… anyone have any suggestions as to the best type of mattress for heavy people? I think, unfortunately, that the foam is better for the adjustable bed but…

  16. Thank you for providing info. I have a 12 yr old natural expressions mattress and would like to replace it with another latex king size. I am in my early eighties and budget is a problem. I prefer latex as I have a Leggett and Platt adjustable base and I love it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

  17. I have spina bifida and use a motorized chair..I just recently got an adjustable bed and besides the mattress being to soft for me, I love it. It makes it hard for me to get in and out of bed..since I’m only using my upper body to move around, I think I need a firmer mattress and by the recent comments I don’t think my old pillow top mattress will work..so please help me out with some ideas..thank you

    1. I just got rid of my hospital bed and purchased a Sealy adjustable bed which I’m very happy with. Your mattress won’t quite fit it’s going to be about 4 inches wider than the hospital bed itself. At least I have discovered this through 3 different mattresses.

  18. I paid way too much for a Serta Perfect Sleep, adjustable bed with a memory foam mattress. It lasted about one year, and now I SINK into the divets. It’s a miserable mattress, and the company has done everything it can to not honor the warranty. Their so-called warranty is full of loopholes so as to not replace a mattress.

    Buyer beware. I wake up each morning in extreme pain, and get out of bed like an old lady, and I am miserable, not to mention, I’m out almost three thousand dollars.

    I never had theses kinds of problems with the traditional box spring mattress, but I got the hard sell at the mattress store and thought memory foam would be an upgrade. Please, heed my words of warning.

    1. You are so right. I have a bad back and was talked into memory foam. It doesn’t have enough lumbar support for me. Felt ok in the store but is home now….worst bed I have ever slept on!! Most people seem to like them. Some say that they are good for bad backs,they contour. I got a firm one,but feel like I’m in a hammock. I hate mine and am stuck with it!! I’m out a couple thousand dollars! I now can’t afford a new one 🙁 If you need support…Stay far away from Memory Foam!!!

    2. I agree 100%. I have had nothing but trouble since I bought mine. I sink into the middle and it is hard to get back out of it. Now looking for an a boxspring mattress.

      1. I have the same problem. Told the store and he told me if I want an exchange the mattress has to have an indentation of 2inches or more and if it isn’t then I would have to pay half for a new mattress cause the warrantee is void since the mattress wasn’t turned or rotated to keep from sagging. Actually I can’t budge the mattress since it is too heavy for me to turn it, since I have had hip replacement and I don’t get a good nites sleep.. hard to get out of bed too. Was told to get the covered coil spring mattress to use on my adjustable bed. Can’t afford buying all these mattresses since this is my second one which I have since 2016, and started to sag early after it was purchased. So now what do I do..

    1. Yes, Memory foam mattresses are compatible with pretty much all adjustable beds, solid foundations, and closely spaced slats.

      Thanks for reading!

  19. I have a reaction to latex, but by using a nice thick mattress protector pad, I am able to sleep on a 100% latex foam mattress.
    I bought a Serta Motion Essentials queen mattress and a Legget and Platt adjustable base…the mattress seems to bulge in the middle…and it is only 6 months old. I am thinking of putting my queen latex mattress on the base. Latex mattresses do not come in different supports, but are naturally firm, you can use a topper to make them feel softer if you want.
    I find the adjustable beds are great for acid reflux!

  20. Will an all cotton futon work on an adjustable bed frame. Do latex mattresses come in firm support. I don’t like the sinking feeling of memory foam. Thank you.

    1. I forgot to ask how important is it to have the bar at the end as the Beauty Rest Frame I’m looking at doesn’t have one so will the mattress start to slip forward? Also, I’m curious what happens to my pillows if you don’t have a bed board behind the frame? Will they fall on the floor? I also can’t get a clear answer from the sales person if this frame hugs the wall. It looks like it sits out about two inches in the store. She says that any bed board in the store can be attached to the bed as this seems like it would help. Sears has good price but terrible customer service.

      1. Yes if there is no bar when you raise the head of the bed the mattress can start to scoot off at the foot also the pillows falling depends on the bed design if the headboard raises with the bed their is little chance of pillows falling behind the bed however if it is like most hospital types the headboard will be stationary and only Bed frame will rise in that case there is a chance when the head raises most often you scoot towards the foot a little bit too which helps keep your pillows on the bed

    2. If the frame you purchase is one of the modern that are solid pieces covered with a material. That cotton futon would not work well on hospital-style bed with the Springs underneath.

    3. I do not have a headboard. Never did. Just got adjustable frame from Art Van Pure Sleep. Not happy with my bed and worry the regular matress will wear out faster due to the movement of the adjustable frame. The bed is too high. I spent two nights adjusting and adjusting and adjusting to try to get comfortable. Want my old bed back. That old is still fine after 12 years. Bought a memory foam excellent topper at Better Back Store and it lasted 7 years before leaving my butt side sleeping indentation. I could not sleep on new i comfort Spring combo bed until I topped it with my topper. Day three. For 1700 bucks, I wish I never did this. They want 147 back for my matress, and don’t take back their over 600 adjustable frame typically. They are charging me 15 % of cost just to take it BACK.
      Had two hips replaced this spring and summer at age 57. Beds cost a fortune. I don’t like the feel of memory foam or the smell of gas coming out of plastic pillows and materials.

  21. There are mattresses now made by Bodyease that have 50mm of memory foam on a base of latex. I was thinking of having one of these until I read your comments.

  22. I have a 10 year old Leggett and Platt adjustable bed frame that came with an innerspring mattress. After five years the mattress was sinking in the middle. No one ever mentioned a memory foam mattress to me at the time so I replaced the mattress with another innerspring. Now five years later this mattress is doing the same thing. I wonder if I could buy a Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress topper to put on top of the existing innerspring to solve the issue?

    1. Hello!

      Toppers can be helpful for adding softness/pressure relief on top an existing mattress, so long as the bed beneath is still supportive. If you have deep impressions or feel the springs seem weak in some spots, a topper likely won’t be enough to correct the issue (and spending on a high-end one can often be almost as much as replacing the mattress).

  23. These comments are very interesting and helpful. I just bought a Kingsdown Mattress from Rooms to go and was told it works well with the adjustable base. But after reading comments above, I’m beginning to wonder. It is part memory foam and springs. Should I be concerned?

  24. Hello,
    I have a client who has Parkinsons Disease. I think he is ready for an adjustable bed.
    I understand that an innerspring mattress not good. How about a Gel Foam Mattress? Would the gel cause the mattress to fail quicker?

  25. I have a temperpedic mattress on my adjustable bed. I used to love it but now it seems to be too soft and my body doesn’t like it anymore. Can you suggest a firm mattress for an adjustable bed? I was wondering if the sleep number bed would work, this way I can adjust firmness or softness to what my body wants. My mothers bed used to feel like a brick to me and I couldn’t lay on it without my hips hurting. Now I’ve taken a few naps on it and slept very well. Can arthritis suddenly not like the sinking in of the Temperpedic and wants hard and firm for support???

  26. Hi Have just bought a adjustable bed is a king size in 2 single 2ft 6inch units. My problem is that the matress’s do not fit the base there is a almost 4inch gap in the middle if yoy place the matress’s on the side of the bed and if you put the 2 matress’s together there is a gap on both sides of the bed. Am I being unreasonable to expect the matress’s to cover the base? Was told that the matresss’s would ‘stretch’ to fit the base ……eventually feel like I am going mad??!!

    1. A true king is 76” wide. It is equal to the width of two twin mattresses.
      (A true twin mattress is 38” wide)
      The size you give is only 30” (2’6”) which is a cot width. No wonder there is a gap between the mattresses when put in a king frame.
      It seems like you have a split queen, not a split king, because a queen bed is 60”.

  27. Stay away from Kingsdown mattresses on adjustable bed frames! They bulge in the middle and tend to sink. Salesman swore up and down it would be fine! Over 4 grand and lasted six months! Go figure! Tempurpedic has shortened their warranty to ten years! Now, let me ask you; Are you going to purchase a Tempurpedic mattress and pay thousands only to have it sink in a few years, or less? Just read the online complaints, it is unbelievable! “Sorry Charlie!” You really didn’t tell us anything! I know from surfing and reading the “Net” that most mattresses only last four years! Yes, 4 years! Go to “Sleep Like the Dean” and read their summations. It used to be seven, and now it’s down to four! It’s time for a mattress revolution with all the manufacturers that sell us this crap, take our money, and make the warranties so constricting, they are impossible to prove! Write your congressman, States Atty’s Office and US Atty’s office and get this ball rolling!

    1. I just went to my fourth tempurpedic ..they suck unless you get the hardest one. They fail by collapsing like yor in a hammock. I work on a tugboat so i am in my bed less than 6 months a year. The raphsody model i had they dont make anymore. Go figure…now i am on a contor supreme. Hardest one they make…there warranty specs are a scam. They suck…

        1. The new Queens seems to be 57.5 inches, not the full 60 of my last Sealy Posturpaedic. The sealy has lasted. I put a foam topper on it that is high quality and that extends the mattress. I got sucked into the sales pitch at Art Van.

  28. I have a full size Temper-Pedic Ergo adjustable bed with a Temper-Pedic 8″ or 9″ firm memory foam mattress. We are considering replacing the mattress in the near future. Is it possible to increase the mattress size to a queen while using the full size adjustable base?
    Thank you

    1. Hi there! Queen mattresses are about 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider than a standard full, so basically your bed will hang off a few inches on the head and either side. These additional areas would be unsupported, meaning they likely wouldn’t provide any more useable sleep space than the full, and it could cause your mattress to wear oddly. It may also slide around more and make getting out of bed awkward. Unfortunately I don’t think this would be an ideal situation. Maybe other users can chime in if they’ve tried something similar.

      Thanks for reading!

  29. I had an old adjustable bed and I was looking for a new mattress so you article is pretty good and help me to know what kind of mattress i need. Thank you.

  30. I have seen some mattress makers claim that their conventional mattresses are fine for use on an adjustable bed but my firsthand experience, especially with thicker mattresses of 9+ inches, is that unless specifically designed for an adjustable bed, these standard mattresses will buckle and bulge when you raise the head of the bead up, thus making the mattress totally unsuitable contrary to what Leggett and Platt claim. It’s very disappointing for this company to deceive consumers who are investing hundreds of dollars in a mattress.

    1. I use mine with a standard mattress at least I think it’d be considered standard pillow top with the individually wrapped coil springs and as long as I’m in the bed when I raise the back it’s fine with no buckle or bulge.

  31. My mom is getting up there in years and wants to elevate her head but loves her bed and frame and was wondering if there was a mattress that she could adjust without getting rid of her bed.

    1. Hi Tracie,

      Many adjustable beds can be used within regular wood bed frame furniture (and then you would just use the mattress of choice on top). The “wall-hugging” feature means that the base moves within it’s footprint (not beyond), so it won’t affect headboards/footboards. You would want a model that has stationary legs (not casters), and would just need to measure the internal dimensions and the overall height of the bed frame to determine how high the adjustable bed would need to be to fit in. Several models have different leg heights to accommodate different beds. When shopping, you’d just need to confirm with the manufacturer that the base is designed for use within bedframes. Thanks for reading!

  32. We are looking for 2 xl king beds with gel memory foam mattress and adjustable beds would like to no what doctors would recommend

  33. I have an old adjustable bed that is still in working order (so far). The mattress is attached to the base with a metal piece in the center under the mattress. The base does not have a retainer bar at the foot of the base. The mattress needs to be replaced. What mattress can replace it?

    1. Hello,

      If the base is the type that requires a specific type of attachment, check replacement options with the manufacturer or you could also see if they offer an attachable retainer bar that would allow you to use a mattress of your choosing.

  34. How can the tempur foam mattress be kept from shifing out of place? This is causing quite a problem for a freind with serious back issues. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello,

      If the adjustable base came with a retainer bar at the bottom, make sure it is installed properly and the mattress is pushed close to it before adjusting the bed. Another helpful solution is to place a non-slip pad (the kind designed for rugs) between the mattress and base, especially if either has a slicker surface. Hope this helps!

      1. We bought a memory foam adjustable bed. Mattress didn’t last a year and a half. Kept shifting like this though – from side to side. They are too heavy to handle and readjust each night. Husband would be laying off unsupported like 6 inches by morning! I thought about the pad, but then we had the bed replaced. Hope the pad works for you.

  35. I have an very old adjustable bed whose mechanism seems to still be working. However, I had to put a memory foam topper on the current mattress to improve comfort. Can I remove the old (spring) mattress and the topper and get a whole new memory foam mattress as replacement?
    Will the foam mattress bend in the right place(s) when the motor raises head or foot of bed? A family friend seemed to think this could be a solution vs. purchasing a whole new bed.

    1. Hi there!

      If your base is the type with a separate mattress and adjustable base, you can certainly replace the mattress. The ones where the mattress and base are physically connected as one unit might be a little tricker to separate (but not necessarily impossible). Memory foam and latex mattresses usually work great with adjustable frames, and don’t have a problem flexing. A mattress under 12 inches thick would give you the best flexibility. Just be sure to check with the retailer to make sure the warranty is adjustable-compatible (regardless of mattress type). Thanks for reading!

  36. Can anyone tell me whether an adjustable base will fit with the bed I already have? I like my headboard and footboard.

    1. Hi there! You will want to look for an adjustable bed that has the “wall-hugger” design, which means that the head of the bed stays towards the nightstands, and that the bed will adjust within the footprint of the frame. If your current bed has a headboard and footboard that attaches to the metal frame, you’ll also want to ask the retailer to include both headboard and footboard brackets to attach them to the new base. If you have an all-in-one bed frame (where the headboard/footboard are attached to wood rails and the metal frame sits inside) than you would just use the adjustable bed within the current frame, and would want to ensure the dimensions are compatible.

  37. I have laid on a memory foam topper and I couldn’t move! I am also allergic to latex and have an adjustable base! I currently have a new mattress I will be returning. What can I do about memory foam and sinking I problem?
    Jane Ackerman

    1. Hi sorry we didn’t see your comment sooner! The “sinking effect” is a trait that can turn some people off of memory foam, but not all memory foams feel the same. Some brands use faster response or temperature neutral memory foams which minimize this sensation. You may also want to try a bed with a thinner layer of memory foam, just enough to provide cushioning but not so much that you feel trapped. If you prefer the way spring mattresses feel, there are some that are designed to work with adjustable bases, but make sure they specifically say so and know that they may need to replaced sooner. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  38. I cannot tolerate foam mattresses. I have tried one with an innerspring
    that suited me perfectly but it was much too expensive and had too many
    accessories for which I have no use. Where can I find one with innerspring?

    1. Hello,

      Memory foam material is polyurethane-based, and should be latex-free unless the mattress states it contains layers of latex foam as well.

      The article at the URL below has a section explaining the basics of memory foam ingredients, and Wikipedia also has an overview. If you have a specific bed in mind, I’d suggest calling the company and verifying ingredients. Thanks for reading!


  39. Your article, “What’s the Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds?” is followed by a link to a comparison of non-adjustable mattresses, the Amerisleep Liberty vs Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze.

    A comparison of adjustable foam and latex mattresses would be more helpful for those of us who came to the article specifically for adjustable bed information.

    1. Hello! This article was focusing on mattress options for adjustable bed bases (the ones that are sold separate from mattresses, which can be used with a mattress of the buyer’s choosing), rather than the adjustable beds with the mattresses attached or packaged with the base. For these types of bases, most memory foam (like Tempur and Amerisleep) and latex mattresses will make a good team. But I see your point, and will make a note to include comparisons of adjustable bed+mattress sets for an upcoming post. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Put a thin wooden board under the matertss. it can be in two halves to store easily after, then put a quilt on top of the matertss as extra padding. Works a treat. You’ll be sleeping on it yourself.

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